Cases Under Review

April 01, 2015 – (Nashville) – Cases Under Review

After an office review uncovered child abuse cases that had not been acted upon over a several year period, District Attorney Glenn Funk has appointed a team of prosecutors to determine whether the cases can still move forward. The initial discovery of more than 70 unresolved child sex abuse cases, some dating back to 2010, was made in January. A further review in March, revealed 60 additional child physical abuse cases that had not been acted upon, some of which were more than 10 years old. “The concern here is that a child might have been left in a dangerous situation or that an abuser has abused again.” Funk said. “The primary mission of the District Attorney’s Office is to protect Nashville’s most vulnerable victims. Children are among the most vulnerable.” Funk has appointed the following team to work specifically on resolving these cases:

  • Katy Miller-Family Protection Unit team leader and veteran prosecutor;
  • Stacy Miller-Juvenile court team leader and veteran prosecutor;
  • Pam Anderson-Veteran prosecutor experienced in serious felonies;
  • Robert Jones-Trial Attorney with over 35 years experience;
  • Zoe Sams, Chad Butler and Alyssa Henning-Child abuse unit prosecutors

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