Behavioral Care Center

Davidson County Sheriff's Office                        Davidson County Public Defenders Office


The much anticipated Behavioral Care Center opened its doors in the fall of 2020, serving as an alternative to jail for mentally ill arrestees. The facility, which began as a dream in 2015, serves 30 men and 30 women in a therapeutic environment, providing short-term treatment, counseling, and follow up services to residents. The goal of the BCC is the decriminalization of mental illness. Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk worked extensively with Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall, Metro Police, the Public Defender’s Office, and well-care providers to make the BCC not only a reality, but a state of the art facility now being modeled by other cities across the nation. A designated prosecutor from the District Attorney’s office is assigned to the BCC each morning to assist with assessment on which arrestees qualify to take part in the Behavioral Care Center. Early results from residents has been astounding, with a recidivism rate of a mere 7 percent. The BCC is a big step in true Criminal Justice Reform: Providing proper care and support for those with mental health issues, instead of costly incarceration that ignores the underlying issues that led to their arrest in the first place.