The District Attorney’s Office is offering well-rounded candidates, who take initiative, work-well with others and have a sincere interest in the ever-evolving criminal justice system, an opportunity to work as interns.

Summer interns with the Office of the District Attorney General – 20th Judicial District receive hands-on court experience prosecuting criminal cases. Students who have completed at least half of their legal coursework and are in good standing are eligible to apply for a limited license for practice. This allows students to participate in trials, hearings and other in court proceedings at the General Sessions and/or Criminal Court levels under the supervision of an Assistant District Attorney. You will interact with attorneys in the Office and members of the defense bar while negotiating cases. Interns regularly receive feedback from attorneys as they complete assignments. Our goal is to prepare you to practice!

Interns are assigned to a team in one of the six criminal courts, general sessions, juvenile or special teams (Vehicular Crimes, Domestic Violence, Child Sex Abuse). Past summers included field trips to Riverbend Max Security Institution, Medical Examiner’s Office, and the MNPD Property Room. Students also attend Office-wide mixers and are encouraged to participate in various Office activities.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter/letter of interest, résumé, transcript (unofficial is acceptable), writing sample (less than 5 pages) and 2 letters of recommendation (emails from recommenders are acceptable) detailing the personal attributes that make you a well-rounded and qualified applicant.

If class credit is available through your academic program or stipends through your school, we will gladly comply with the necessary supervision/reporting requirements. We do not split summers for 2L students. The internship is a minimum 10 weeks with a suggested 12 weeks. First year students are encouraged to stay 9 weeks as you will rotate through different teams/divisions. Due to COVID, our summer 2021 internship program is on hold, but internship spots are available for the fall semester on a much more limited basis. This internship is unpaid.

If you have any questions or would like to submit an application, please feel free to email

My experience at the District Attorney’s Office has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have received valuable courtroom exposure. Working at the District Attorney’s Office has helped me excel in class as well because I’m able to apply the law to practical real world experience. During my 1L Summer, I observed numerous trials, motions, and preliminary hearings which prepared me for my 2L Summer at the D.A.’s Office when I won my first bench trial. I have gained valuable knowledge and experience by working at the District Attorney’s Office which will help me succeed in the future.

Chicoya M. Smith
College of Law, 2018

Working for the District Attorney’s Office gives law students the invaluable first-hand experience every intern hopes for while providing valuable help that the justice system needs. As a 2L intern with my limited license, I was able to walk into real courtrooms, speak before real judges, and help decide real cases that maintain the justice and peace of the public. I worked with first rate attorneys who were immensely knowledgeable in their fields, and incredibly generous with their help to advance my skills. Working for the District Attorney’s Office this summer has cemented my desire to work in criminal law, and I would recommend this internship to anyone looking for trial experience.
Blake Reynolds
Belmont Law School