Specialty Courts and Programs

The District Attorney’s Office partners with multiple programs and agencies in order to assist

Specialty Court Partnerships:

  • Mental Health Court: Overseen by Judge Melissa Blackburn – specialists to determine their eligibility for the program. In 2019, 88% of participants in the program were successful in not re-offending and did not return to involvement with the criminal justice system. Individuals participating in the specialized court program may be on probation or on a diversion program for criminal charges. Potential clients are screened by mental health professionals to determine their compatibility for the program and, if they are accepted, the period of supervision typically lasts eleven months.  More severe cases may remain within the program for a longer period of time.
  • Recovery Court: Overseen by Judge Gale Robinson with a goal of promoting judicial intervention and rehabilitation to substance abuse offenders to reduce drug and alcohol related crimes among repeat offenders and to improve the life of the offender, thereby enhancing the quality of life for their families and the community. Created to provide free services to participants while under court supervision for criminal offenses. Recovery Court accepts candidates who can be supervised under bond conditions prior to any conviction.  Upon successful completion of Recovery Court, these open charges are able to be dismissed or otherwise disposed of at the District Attorney’s Office discretion.
  • Veterans Court:  Overseen by Judge Melissa Blackburn those who have served our country and are returning with challenges as a result of their experiences in difficult circumstances. Through a structured program administered by the court, eligible veterans can find stability and new purpose to be a contributor to the community.
  • C.A.R.E. Court: Overseen by Judge Rachel L. Bell. Focuses on reducing recidivism through the use of individualized justice, case management, victim restitution when needed, community service, and peace circles.
  • Restorative Justice Juvenile Court: Overseen by Judge Shelia Calloway This program seeks to hold juveniles accountable and allows the victim to have a strong voice in terms of what they need to repair the harm done by the offender.