Fall, 2021 – Decriminalizing Mental Health Issues

It’s called the Behavioral Care Center, and it’s the new state of the art, cutting edge approach to taking individuals with mental health issues out of the jail populations and into a facility where they can truly receive the help they need. The innovative approach is because of the teamwork of Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk and Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall. The BCC is run by Sheriff Hall and located in a separate wing of the new downtown detention center, but supervised by the Mental Health Co-Op. Guards in the BCC are dressed like health care professionals, and those receiving treatment are referred to as ‘clients’ instead of inmates. Upon completion of the BCC treatment and counseling, charges are dismissed and individuals are discharged with a 30 day supply of medication and follow-up counseling. The unique program is receiving national attention as a key component to criminal justice reform while also assisting those with mental health concerns to once again become productive members of our community.