Child rapist guilty plea


May 04, 2017

(Nashville, TN)— Following a guilty plea this afternoon in the child rape case involving a three-month-old baby, Assistant District Attorney Chad Butler said, “There are cases that come across your desk that will haunt you forever, this is one of those cases.”

Defendant Michael Delk, 39, plead guilty in Division VI Criminal Court today to charges of Rape of a Child and Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. According to General Butler, Delk was arrested at a Murfreesboro Road hotel in 2015 after his wife reported to police that she saw cell phone images of Delk raping the three-month-old. Delk was sentenced to serve 100% of a 35-year prison sentence.

“The only blessing in this case is that this baby is happy and healthy, and the person who committed this horribly despicable act is exactly where he belongs, where he can’t hurt another child,” Butler said.