DUI Prosecution Award


September 21, 2015

Nashville, Tenn. –Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer and Governor’s Highway Safety Office (GHSO) Director Kendell Poole announced the Tennessee agencies that received grant awards totaling $17.8 million to support highway traffic safety efforts.

The Davidson County District Attorney’s Office received $389,506 to support its specialized traffic offender prosecution team.  Assistant District Attorney Kyle Anderson said the award helps to fund three lawyers and a DUI coordinator position, as well as training and office expenses.  “We are grateful to the Governor’s Highway Safety Office for this grant and the continued support of our dedicated team of prosecutors whose work has helped cut in half the number of deaths caused by impaired drivers in Davidson County,” Anderson said.

A major part of roadway safety is educating motorists about laws and good driving behaviors.  “These grants help fund a variety of enforcement, legal, and educational initiatives across the state,” Schroer said. “All of these efforts, from DUI prosecution, to speed enforcement, to child passenger safety training, support the mission of saving lives and reducing injuries on our roads through partnership with numerous public and private organizations.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides the funding to GHSO.  The grants, totaling 437 for the 2015-2016 funding cycle, were awarded to 376 agencies that successfully applied for funding based on a defined problem and statistical need.  “Tennessee’s decline in traffic fatalities has occurred because of the dedication and commitment from our partners across the state,” Poole said. “They are coming up with ideas and programs that are creative, innovative, and solid.  They are the foundation for the culture of safety on our roads, and I am ecstatic that we are able to support their endeavors.”

DUI Prosecution Team