Child abuse verdict

Child abuse-En Espanol

(Nashville, TN) –A Davidson County jury has found a Nashville man guilty of sexual battery in a case involving an 11-year-old boy.  Jose Alvarado, 46, was convicted after evidence showed he abused the boy at the church the two attended.

Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Hennig said the boy’s mother first suspected abuse and was encouraged by her pastor and pediatrician to contact police. Hennig said mandatory reporting laws carry a legal duty to report suspected child abuse cases to police or the Department of Children Services.

“These type of crimes need to be reported because people who do this sort of thing are likely to reoffend until someone comes forward,” Hennig said. “The victim in this case recognized that by being brave and testifying he was helping to protect other children.”

Hennig advises Non-U.S. citizens not to be afraid to report crimes despite their immigration status. Reports of child abuse can be made anonymously. Many Non-U.S. citizens who are victims of crime may also qualify for U-Visas.  The District Attorney’s Office has services available for non-English speaking victims and witnesses.

Alvarado faces 8 to 12 years in prison when he is sentenced on August 28.