Aggravated Arson Sentence


March 27, 2017

(Nashville, TN)—The man convicted of aggravated arson in connection with a fire at a Nashville hotel will have to spend the next three decades in prison. Judge Monte Watkins sentenced Antoine Clark to 30 years in prison on Friday for setting fire to the Harding Inn. Two people were trapped on a fourth floor balcony when the fire spread. They were able to escape thanks to the heroic efforts of several Nashville firefighters.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Moore said but for the actions of the firefighters, this could have been a murder case. “It’s bad enough that they risk their lives fighting accidental fires but when a fire is intentionally set the perpetrator deserves to spend a significant amount of time in prison.” Clark, 31, will have to serve 100% of his 30-year prison sentence.

“Thank you to the jury who heard this case and to the men and women of the Nashville Fire Department who risk their lives daily for the citizens of this community,” Moore said.