The District Attorney General

The District Attorney General for the 20th Judicial District is responsible for the prosecution of all alleged violations of state criminal laws that occur within Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County. Both felony and misdemeanor crimes are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office as well as the criminal acts of juveniles (persons less than eighteen (18) years of age). District Attorney General Glenn R. Funk was sworn in to office on August 28, 2014. He became Davidson County’s 36th District Attorney and only the third since 1966. Under his leadership, the District Attorney’s Office is focused on prosecuting violent crime in our community and protecting vulnerable victims.

“The District Attorney’s Office is committed to public service, fairness and justice for all. Our focus is on protecting vulnerable victims from violent crimes and to make sure victims have the best lawyer in the courtroom. Our mission is to make Nashville a safe place to raise a family and grow a business.”

Glenn R. Funk, District Attorney

Domestic Violence Awareness

The District Attorney’s Office is committed to assisting victims of domestic violence and enhancing the public’s awareness of an issue that impacts thousands of Nashville families. One of the most powerful method’s of control and coercion in domestic violence cases is strangulation.  Strangulation is an expression of an abuser’s ability and willingness to take their victims’ lives at any time. SIX THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT STRANGULATION


Task Force Created to Prosecute Elder Abusers

A new task force from the district attorney’s office has taken aim at the abusers of elderly people and other adults who are vulnerable. Since January, Davidson County Assistant District Attorney Ardie Griffin and a task force involving law enforcement and Adult Protective Services (APS) has reviewed 550 cases of complaints filed. They’re meeting again on Thursday to look over another 188 cases. “Abuse can be physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse,” said Griffin. “All of those referrals that the adult protective services received here in Davidson County. We review all of them to learn if there are any criminal allegations alleged in the referral.” Griffin said abusers are often times family members, neighbors, friends or healthcare providers. She said the closeness of the victims and their abusers is what causes the problem.

“We’re not just taking that stranger off the street,” Griffin said. “We’re taking that person that supposedly cares about them and is taking care of them. So, if we take away that individual, who is left to provide for them?” NewsChannel 5 talked with a victim of abuse who is nearly 80 years old. She said a friend of hers attacked her in her home for prescription medication which she was prescribed.”She was beating me in the head and head my head was hitting the floor. My face, where she put the bag, it was a plastic bag, she had that around my throat to choke me to death,” said the victim.

DA’s office tries to curb gun violence in Davidson Co.

Metro police say there have been 130 shootings in Davidson County so far this year. None of them were accidents or suicides. One of the latest shootings happened Tuesday afternoon in East Nashville. People who live on Sharpe Avenue say they heard gunshots. Some even saw the gunman firing from inside a car.

When Jake Naifeh walked outside to see what was going on, he said he saw a man lying in his front yard screaming for help.
“I heard loud noises, came outside, looked to my right and there’s a man with a gunshot wound screaming for help,” Naifeh said.
He told Channel 4 he then went inside his home and called police.

That man, 29-year-old Ladarion Smith, had been shot in the foot during an attempted robbery.
Police say Smith was walking through an alley when a man with a gun tried to rob him. Smith struggled with the would-be robber and was shot in the foot.
As Smith tried to run off, he told officers the gunman continued to follow and fire at him.
The Davidson County District Attorney’s office described these type of robberies as part of a troubling trend of callous crimes.

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