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Teresa Shearon

Director of Victim Witness Services

20th Judicial District



The Victim Witness Services division in the District Attorney’s office began in 1979 as a pilot project and was the first such program in Tennessee.  Funded initially by a federal grant, it provided a director and a part-time employee primarily for the purpose of notifying victims of their upcoming court dates.  The office quickly realized that victims, particularly of violent crimes, had many unmet needs, and the division has been in the forefront of the growing victim’s rights movement.  It was not until 1998 that Tennessee adopted its Victims’ Rights Amendment that mandated the rights for victims that the Victim Witness Services division has been providing for 20 years.  Today, with funding from grants as well as from the state and city budgets, the division has 16 fulltime Victim Witness Coordinators who are trained to meet the needs of victims of violent crime including such specialized areas as child sexual abuse, domestic violence and juvenile crime.


As a victim of crime, you may find yourself thrust into the court system at the same time you are dealing with emotional consequences of being a victim of a crime.  This system can be very unfamiliar, difficult and intimidating.  The coordinators are there to assist you through this process.  They will explain to you the stages of the court system; provide you with information about the status of your case; and make referrals to other services that may be available to you as a victim of crime.


Our goal is to treat all violent crime victims with compassion, dignity and understanding.  Our staff is here to support you and to answer your questions as you make your way through the criminal justice system.




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