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The Nashville District Attorney's office is responsible for representing the State of Tennessee in all criminal cases that occur within Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.  The position of District Attorney General was created by the Tennessee Constitution and provides that each District Attorney shall be elected by the voters within their judicial district and shall serve an eight-year term.  The State is divided into thirty-one judicial districts each with judges, district attorneys and public defenders to administer the criminal justice system.  Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County comprise the twentieth judicial district.


The office is presently organized into three divisions:  the Criminal Division, the Juvenile Division, and the Victim Witness Services Division.  Attorneys assigned to the Criminal Division appear on behalf of the State of Tennessee to prosecute all misdemeanor and felony charges brought in the General Sessions and Criminal Courts of the district.  The Juvenile Division handles those cases where juveniles (persons under the age of 18) have been charged with delinquent acts and the charges are adjudicated by the Juvenile Court Judge or Juvenile Court Referees.  The Victim Witness Services Division provides a wide variety of support services for victims of violent crime. 


In Nashville, most criminal cases are the result of investigations conducted by and arrests made by the Metropolitan Police Department.  The District Attorney’s office is responsible for determining whether there is enough evidence to prosecute persons accused of crimes.  If not, the charges will be dismissed; otherwise, assistant district attorneys appear in the various General Sessions and Criminal Courts where such cases are tried before a judge or a jury or are resolved upon guilty pleas.  In addition to courtroom duties, assistant district attorneys review citizen complaints about alleged criminal activity, consult with law enforcement agencies about on-going investigations; and provide legal advice to the police. 


The office also has units of lawyers who have specialized skills and training in such areas as child physical and sexual abuse, complex drug prosecutions, death penalty prosecutions, domestic violence, fraud and economic crime, and vehicular crimes.


Office of the District Attorney General
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